April 10th, 2005



Umm okay, this is the second attempt at Light/Misa/L... let's see how it goes...
title- The Middle
rating- hmm. pg-13?

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Just kinda no plot silliness with... undertones?
Saiyuki ★ chasing the sun

Hello everyone!

Hey, this is my first time posting to the community. *blushes nervously* I've been rooting for Kira since the beginning and, even though I despise him, I still love him deep down in my black little fangirl heart. <3 It's...complicated. X.x (I have a thing for the phycopathic ones, so sue me.)

So, without further drama, I bring greetings of fic! (Note: I wrote this a while ago, when I first started onto Death Note. And I'm finally intoxicated enough to post it! Yay! )

Title: Ink

Author: Sarrasi 

Content/Rating: G

Spoiler Warning: None. Takes place even before Shinigami-san shows up.

Summary: A Death Note drabble about Raito, Kira, and ink stains that could be blood.

Genre: One-shot, Drabble, Drama, and Introspection.

(Follow the fake cut...)

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