April 11th, 2005


L mood theme ?

Hello everyone!

This is my first time posting. I was wondering if you could help me find an L Mood Theme, please!
I've found a few for the general series in deathnote_icons, but since recent events, I'd like
something that reminds me of my favorite character...♥

thank you!
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And the DNsmut Fest continues!

Final sequel to the DNsmut Saga ^_^;

WARNING: NOT recommended for readers who are uncomfortable with: random OOCness, foul language, explicit and disturbing sexual content!

Ah yes, the notorious DK who created a controversy a while ago, is now back ^_^;

Part 3: Behind The Reaper’s Eyes


If you haven’t read parts 1 and 2 yet, here they are:

Part 1: Searching The Reaper
Part 2: Reapers Don’t Tell

If you enjoy DNsmut/yaoi, then this is my present for you, specially dedicated to all the readers of parts 1 and 2 =) This fic is also dedicated to everyone in the comm who have read, revised and supported me all this time. Thanks soooo much for reading! *hugs* You guys rock! Sorry for the wait. Special credits to shinkouyume machi_sama reapersun okobi alita_b_angel diwan_sama haganeno901 darashinai And everyone who read and commented! *bows*

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What would Rem and Ryuuk look like in human form? What would Raito and L fashion labels look like? Feel free to take a peek

Responses/comments, and I will worship you forever =)
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Death Toast.

(no subject)

Let's play the Pretend-We're-At-4Chan game and have a picture flood [ie, posting lots of pictures in various threads, in case you're not familiar with 4chan for some reason..]. Now, not just any old picture flood, but a flood of other anime/manga [let's keep it fictional, eh?] characters who remind you of Death Note characters.

I'll get us started. :D

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WARNING: Some images may not be work safe. I mean, it's based on 4chan, afterall.
lulzy ☆ poptart cat

desktop/wall -- 6th cover

Been itching to make a wall lately-- and thanks to the lovely teatime, I had the new vol. 6 cover to work with.

DN cover 6 wall
800 | 1024 | 1280x768 (featuring L)

*For other resolutions, just set it on a white bg and it should look fine.
*Resources are Minitokyo for the scan; teh_indy for the light textures, and textures by vered for misc.

EDIT: Thanks again, DB, for the suggestion-- links switched to my LJ Scrapbook. :)
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