April 12th, 2005

Sleeping behavior...

Hello everyone... I was just surfing the net for some good pictures of L when I stumbled onto this...


And, a rather interesting thought came to mind.... If L does sleep, how does he do it? Because when I think about it, the possibilities of him sleeping like that, don't seem nonexistant.

What do you think?

P.S. I do not share the opinion of the artist who drew that picture... I love yaoi to heck...

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OMG. I'm actually posting here and not just lurking! Go me. >>'

Anyways. Three friends of mine cosplayed L, Raito and Misa at the con we had last month. Since they don't have a Livejournal, I'm here to show them off. :X

They were really cool. I kept running after Raito all day telling him how cool he was.. I don't think the pictures show it. O_O"

But here are the pictures~

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