April 14th, 2005

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How to Read, Part 4 - Obata Interview

More of the "How to Read" series. I'll finish up by posting the extras about the Reapers and the last of the chara profiles, and if anyone is really that interested in the timeline recap let me know. There are some interspersed author's comments that I thought were somewhat interesting, but the vast majority of that section is just a review of the series to date.

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Hello, New Here

I am the newest fan of Death Note. For those of you who haven't read the latest of it yet, I will not spoil what happens, but I have a proposition to anyone who is interrested. I myself was not entirely happy with the last chapters, and have on my own come up with an alternative to the story.

Basically, I'm wondering if anyone would be interrested in joining a Death Note livejournal RPG community if I made one to carry out this little plan. And if so, which characters would you be interrested in rping?
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Corny intro

Hi guys, I am Onna. I love Death Note. I am making an intro post. I love Death Note. I think Death Note is fantastically written. I love Death Note. Did I mention that I love Death Note? *has not yet said one useful thing*;;;

Before you slap me to death; I need to show you fanart.

*shame* I can't believed I just made an intro post;; I never make these.. usually just lurk around in communities.;;; but Death Note is so good I HAD to make one. I'll shut up now. *goes back to hiding in random corner*
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