April 16th, 2005

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Gift Death Note

Hello all.

I'm rather confused right now and I thought maybe you could help me. I just got my post/mail and had a package for me, from Hongkong. It's a gift. Containing a super cool Death Note. Yeees, you heard it right! But sadly I can't remember that I ever ordered one or won one. I do have the memory span of a cockroach, but that is simply too weird. There is an adress (I think) bt I can't read it.

Not that I am angry. I love this! I adore my Death Note! But did that happen to you too? Or did some of you send this? Huh? Explanation??

Or maybe a Shinigami send this... *g*

Help? And I'm not so joking!
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N&White :: I don't want this weekend to
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L fanart!

Woo! I actually did something I'm proud of! Preview:

Click for full view! Also, this is my attempt at being funny. I am not very funny. Just so you know. ^^;

Feedback is love! ♥
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cfg - zero - cute <3

new here and all u.u°

hey, i'm new here posting but i was reading some time before... but... because i thought it could be helpfull if i could post in case i would stumble over a thing i want to post to- well, i registered ^^; :D
i'd like to have some colored dn-pictures- especially the posters u.u° i think my drawings are quite okay, though i can't draw any dn-pictures at all, my art is so awfull compared to obata-sama's *sigh*
hm, yeah... that i like/love/am obsessed in death note is quite obvious ;D my favorite char i L (so, i'm a bit... well... hm... bitter?)
i'm 17 and live in germany (my english isn't that well u.u).
well, i think if you want someone to know about me, you can just ask, because i don't know what to tell ;) ^^;;
so, well ^^°

oh yeah, and i hope we'll all get along well :D
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since everyone is doing it

Cosplay~! Since majokai-sempai wanted a weekend photoshoot, what better series to cosplay than Death Note? So I went to my suitcase and pulled out a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Half a ton of Gatsby Hair Solid and eyeliner later, tada! Instant L cosplay.

Raito: majokai-sempai. Forgive the hair. She also did the photoshopping.

L: me. Forgive the chubbyness and how short my hair is.

In general: forgive the level of on-crack-ness

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Oh, in case you're curious, we did the shoot at our school with two photographers. These pics are from only one of them. Look out for more once majokai-sempai gets her hands on the second photographer.
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(no subject)

Hellooo~ I'm delurking at last and I have nothing to show for it *cowers* Uh...I like to write so if I work up the courage I'll post some stuff ^^; I'm 16 and I live in Britain (yay~!) and...I'm not sure what else to say. Intros are jsut so awkward...hehe
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DN cosplay

The same ppl as the link that I put up last time,
Hotel version, with the handcuffs
(they actually slept over at the hotel so that they could take pictures there)


Site in Korean but links are in English so easy to navigate

btw, it's three pages long (the last DN one)
and the link to the next page is at the bottom of each page

Name speculation

Mello and Near are baaaaddd Engrish. We all know this. So, proper names, as I see them:

Near is easy. near = Neal = Niel
Usage: Irish, Scottish, English
From the Gaelic name Niall, which is of disputed origin, possibly meaning "champion" or "cloud".

Mello is harder. MELLOW YELLOW
Mello = Milo = Miles
Usage: English
The meaning of this name is not known for certain. It is possibly from Latin miles "soldier" or else from a pet form of MICHAEL.
Usage: English, German, Czech, Biblical
From the Hebrew name Miyka'el which meant "who is like God?".
(Given that in this manga, like God = like Light-the-sociopath, this boy is very likely headed exactly where I think he's going)

AND NOW, crack time:

L = Louis? It make sense, because Louis = Ludwig
From the Germanic name Hludwig which meant "famous warrior", composed of the elements hlud "fame" and wig "warrior".

LAH DAH. L'S NAME. If I end up right I'm going to laugh myself to death. feel free to agree or disagree. just going by the track record of the names in HikaGo which meant things, I thought that this would be pretty cool to post. Tell me if you think it's spoilerific and I'll cut it; I tried to keep it spoilier free but I gotta warn that the comments may not be spoiler free.

also, speaking of Hikago names.. Akira, Hikaru, and Akari are all ways of saying "Light". Hello Irony, they just name their next character Light. Am I the only one amused by this?

Also, L could be Lucian/Lucius.
Usage: Ancient Roman, English
Roman praenomen, or given name, which was derived from Latin lux "light".
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Kingdom Hearts: Let it go.

This post contains yaoi implications

Because I'm the type of person who will spend time to do absolutely nothing in the absolute best way possible, I've been thinking about how a relationship between Raito and L would happen and how they would react to it. Keeping in mind how in-character these two could be if they started jumping each other, I've found a song that I think would describe how they feel about each other if this were to actually happen. I've included the lyrics(as well as the mp3) inside the cut for your thoughts.

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Any thoughts on this would be possible. (Like, what if we all made a Raito/L soundtrack? omg.)

(You like my icon, yes? :D)

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eye like whoa.

(no subject)

Um. Hello. Thought I'd introduce myself with a little one-shot. Long-time lurker, first-time poster, DN-fangirl.

(Spoilers for chapter 58. AU continuing on where DN Arc 1 ended.)

(Little fellas are not of the kind belonging to me.)

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