April 17th, 2005


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Did you see this latest rule of the "how to use" which says that shinigami can't have sex with each others nor with humans ?

Pity...... I can just imagine what a baby shinigami looks like...or what would be born from a Ryûk-Rem union (laugh). 

Maybe a fanart from someone??

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Newbie *sigh*

Yup, I'm new to the Death Note community. I recently found out about DN from a friend. When I say recently I mean less then a month XD so therefore I really don't know too much about the story or characters. However I found Death Note to be a very lovely manga and the story is just amazing to me. So I joined hoping to learn as much about this manga as possible and have some fun here :)
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Hello, hello! This is the first time I post here and I'm posting about...

... Yeah. I'm advertising, but since it's Death Note related, I thought there isn't a problem by posting it here.

My friend created a Death Note RPG Community and any of those who want to join, please check it out! Check out the information page for further info about the plot line, rules and to see who's taken or not. So far Raito and L are taken. If you don't want to join but read our story, don't hesitate to do so!

--> Death Note RPG death_note_rpg <3

- [One who plays as L] XD
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