April 18th, 2005

[an epiphany]

I'm probably just slow and all, and all of you probably already know this already, but I just realized that "Kira" was probably intended to be the japanicized english (uh... engrish) of "Killer" (because R = L in Japanese).

Yeah... that's all.
hay guys wats goin on


I was bored so I made a bunch of avatars (boring bases mostly, since I can never think of any cool/creative/funny/artsy stuff to write on them) for communities and such:

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If anyone would like me to customize any paticular avatar with text of some sort, just comment with your idea and I'd be glad to do so for you. ^_^

If you'd like to add text or modify the bases in any way, feel free. Just please credit me for the base.
If you use the avatar, please credit me in the keywords. If anyone has any specific requests, let me know as well.

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Death Note in Ragnarok Online?

Well, since there's alot of people unlurking themselves...I decided, why not? If any of you are familiar with Ragnarok Online, the Korean MMORPG... I made Death Note characters based on the game sprites. ^_^ Well, even if you don't what the heck I'm talking about, click on the cut and check it out. XD

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Edit: Image Rehosted, hope it works now!
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