April 19th, 2005

cosplay - neko mask
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More L-ness

I recently went to do a mini photoshoot with a friend. ^^; I wore L simply because I was too lazy to wear any of my other costumes and wanted to mainly be just a photographer. XD Of course, that didn't stop said friend from "forcing" me into a few photos. XD


Enjoy! :B

Btw, this is an upgraded version of my last L cosplay. New shirt, new pants, new wig and new eyeliner. =O
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DN LJ Comm's Official Dum-Dum


Sorry that this is spammish, but I have 3 (potentially stupid and insignificant) questions that had been bugging me for a while, either because I've totally missed it or because I'm a total idiot.

1. Is chapter 60 (translated) out yet? If yes, where can i find it???

2. What kind of a company is Yotsuba Group? I mean, what field/products are they involved in? Advertising? Shares? Showbiz???

3. What the hell are Raito and L studying at Toudai???

Answers greatly appreciated. Sorry I'm so dumb.
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Celebrity Day: L

Celebrity day at my school was Monday. I'm not one to participate in childish events, but this... was fun. So, I decided... Let's go as L.

I ran out of gel, so no L hair... Too bad. I wore my jeans and shirt. Problems: I have a bag that weighs about 30lbs and I walk to school. So, I had to wear shoes. What did I do? No socks. My feet don't smell (they don't, believe me), so I stuck on my white sneakers (I usually wear my black shoes with no laces) and undid the laces. I slouched all day (I'm like Raito, so I have very good posture) which hurt a little by the end of the day.

Believe me, during the day, I did the joke from one of the doujinshi (*bang* Turn it sideways! *L*) and spewed nonsense like, "Justice will prevail." I also even sat like L and held things like him. Not to mention, I was walking around with muffins and other foods in my bag. It got to the point that the teachers got tired of telling me, "Vahn, please put the food away."

The most I did with my face was some liquid eyeliner, which worked beautifully.



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