April 20th, 2005

I can still get it up

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I'm new around here and just wanted to pop my head in and say hello.  Death Note is awesome! ::thumps up:: Can't wait for Chap. 60( yay!)  Oh, here are a few pics of me cosplaying L at Jacon 05. Enjoy ^_^
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Raito Pwnz3d

XD... .. I've come to torture you with my omgcrappiness..
sorry if this idea has been used before, but I wanted to draw it so badly!! No offence to Raito in ANYway. I hated him only for a few days.. DO NOT CLICK if you don't like spoilers and haven't read chapter 58. Cause.. well, major spoilers.
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New to the community - O_O

Hello! I joined this community because, well, my boyfriend aintafraid2die got me hooked onto Death note some time ago. He hates that I'm a major L fan, sadly.

I also am a cosplayer (sad, yes I know), and promptly did Death note cosplay at a local con. Much to my boyfriend's dismay, I dressed as L.

Behind the cut are pictures of the full group (Raito, L, Matsuda, and Misa).

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The Misa Poll

...Because I am the curious sort. :P

...So what do y'all -really- think about Misa?

We hate Misa! Kill her with pliers!
We love Misa! Kill you with pliers!
I like....mattress pads!

And because I think a lot of people's opinions of her have changed these past few chapters, including mine. ^^
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Because the internet doesn't have enough Death Note related crack...


An LJ-based Death Note RPG that doesn't intend on taking itself seriously at all, with an open cast to boot. In fact, the only character being played is the ever-so-popular Yagami Souichirou. *puffs* ... At any rate, if you're interested, please check the community information for more details, and prod me if you have any questions.

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Hi. I am the creator of one of the first Death Note livejournal Rp's here on the net, and was... rather surprised, to put it simply, at how soon the character list filled up. So much so that I've considered making another Death Note RPG as well. Ah ha... that's right, I'm moderating two communities. (on top of two others *cough* )

Anyway, the only character taken so far is L (sorry fans). Played by me. But all other parts are open.


If you are interrested.
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Baka to Test - Perfect Area Complete

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A positive note on the licensing of Death Note. This *may* see the rise of reasonably priced Death Note merchandise, such as plushies and death notes.

Just saying... it's not all that bad.
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