April 21st, 2005

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Raito vs. Raskolnikov

So, today I was at work/school, staring blankly at a computer screen, and started thinking... and, um, somehow my thoughts wandered over to Death Note and Crime and Punishment (odd, since I haven't touched CP in a good year and a half, at least). And I started drawing some parallels. How much like Raskolnikov do you guys think Raito is, and how much of a parallel would there be?

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Yeah. Lit and/or Russian majors, please don't hurt me. :/
No, I don't think so.

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Warning: these icons contain spoilers for the following fandoms Monster [chapter 64+ I guess], FullMetal Alchemist [chapter 38+ and episode 28+] and Death Note [58+]
oh, and beware the crack.

[x] L - 6
[x] L and Light - 2
[x] Ryuk - 1
[x] Light - 1
[x] Light/Misa - 1
[x] Misa - 2
[x] Mello - 6
[x] Near - 1

and a bunch of others [varied fandoms]

linkage here
Castiel - BAMFwalk
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Whee, cosplay photoshoot. ^^;; I roped ryomoki into being my photographer (she's really good at it, and she didn't mind, thank goodness ^^;; ) and we stayed up late last night taking photos of myself in my Misa costume for Anime Central.

Click the pic below to take a look~

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I swear to god...

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I will get a Death Note. Even if I have to beg someone to buy it for me.
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EDIT: I actually feel bad about asking this... :<<<

EDIT #2: amg, the help offers are making my eyes googly! O_O *help found* sankyuu~