April 22nd, 2005

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Having read the thread that just got deleted, someone mentioned "this is what we have to look forward to come October"

And yanno, she's right.

Is there any kind of good Death Note FAQ floating around out there that we can link to? Or if there isn't, maybe we should make one so if someone that is obviously a n00b comes asking, we can just point to the link and send them on their merry way, and stick it in the comm info to hopefully minimize the number of those types of posts which will get old quick.

If there isn't, I wouldn't mind helping out, but first, might as well use any established resources if we can ^-^

[ETA: I apologize if I came off as an elitest asshat by making this post. That really, really wasn't my point at all. I was just trying to be helpful! That being said, I did have long/very odd day at work and had I thought a few minutes longer before posting, I probably wouldn't have said anything. So um...yeah :)]
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Deleted posts

I have a copy of the deleted entry that glassdarkly posted. Should anyone want it, comment to this entry with your email and I will send away.

That STFU NOOB picture was too priceless to lose. :D

All emails to this point have been sent, but there were some problems. If you've already commented, didn't get your email, give it to me after this point and we'll try again.

Wow, guys. Just... wow. Thank god for Gmail, otherwise I would have had to get about five new inboxes.

Also, I noticed some of you don't have Gmail accounts, and I have 150+ piling up in various inboxes. Should you like an invite, just tell me when you leave your email.

And this post would not be complete without mad props to forunlawfulck, who graciously sent me all the emails of the commenters. You pwn hard. :D
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Hi, so I went out to the conbini yesterday to go read Death Note chapter 60, and it was all sold out. T_T At like 3 convenience stores! :O So, I am probably the only person here who hasn't read 60. T_T

So now my question to you, kind people, is: you all are talking about chapter 61 and everything already, but where can I find chapter 60?

Raw or translated, anything is good for me. x.x Preferably raw, because it seems like it'd be easier to get and you all wouldn't have to use much effort to show me. :O

If anyone could help me out and direct me to chapter 60, I would love you forever! ;A; Thanks! T_T

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I have a little request because I´m a die-hard Mello fan and want to make a banner for a Forum and a T-Shirt with a pic of him on it and...I need a picture of him in color. That´s why I wanted to ask if somebody could color some of the Mello pics from the Manga and put them up in the community?
I´ll gladly credit the person in the banner (and the forum itself). *___* So it would be really nice and you would rescue a desperate Mello fan XDDD
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