April 23rd, 2005

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     I don't like introductions, just to say..  I be the new n00b to the communtiy (I joined yesterday), I also bring fanart!


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Textbook Doodling

In Korea, ppl doodle over their textbooks...
and here: http://nizigori.egloos.com/1163201/
is one related to Death Note.

The big heading says The Notebook of Death
But I can't figure out what the original title was...
(Can any other Korean person here figure it out?
I didn't go to middle school in Korea, only Primary school, so I don't even know what kind of subjects they have)
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Death Toast.

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I'm the kind of loser that likes to show off my hours of extreme death, so here I am showing off my new Death Note Layout for my DeadJournal[way appropriate, eh]. Because after hours of image editing and html irritation[that somehow kills your back o_O], everyone needs some love. :D