April 24th, 2005


A brief note (no pun intended)

Recently, there have been several links to Korean blogs which pertain to DeathNote posted in the community. While I think this is wonderful, I have noticed something in visting the sites.

For every blog post that is listed, there will be several Korean replies and then one comment that reads "RANDOM ENGLISH POST lol" or something of that nature. I can only deduce that such comments are coming from the members of this community. Such comments are not clever, nor are they considerate to the owner of the blog. Comments should say something about the post itself, not just a random three-word declaration that you speak English. If you are going to comment on such blogs, please use more maturity and say something about the post (if you can't speak Korean and can't read it, you probably shouldn't reply) and maybe leave a note about how you found their blog in the first place. It would be rather disconcerting to see a comment in a foreign language by a complete stranger in your journal.

That being said, I don't want to discourage linkage - I think it's great being able to see fandom sites from different countries. Just please be considerate when posting. :)
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I don't want to be attention grubbing, just for a heads up.

Since this IS my favorite community, I'd like to make DeathNote LJ icons. I'm VERY unoriginal... so, I need some ideas on what things to use.

Like... with a song. Should I put the lyrics in romanji, or just in english on an icon?

Any ideas I can use?

EDIT: check my newer entry ._.;;