April 26th, 2005

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Hello~ I bring piccage

o_o; Um, hello. New here and all that jazz.

With that out of the way, I bring newbie offerings. Three fanarts, to be exact.

A pic of L (Here)

A crack-ish RaitoxL strip can be found (Here)

And another crack-ish RaitoxL strip can be found (Here)

They're all completely worksafe, though I'd still be a little iffy about the boss looking over my shoulder at it. Unless your boss is a pervert, wouldn't that be fun?

(x-posted everywhere. Don't kill me~)
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haru and momiji

[FIC] Sugarcoat (Mello, L)

Title: Sugarcoat
Author: Flamika
Genre: General
Disclaimer: Not mine. Ooba and Obata's.
Pairings: None, unless you want to see one.
Warnings: Spoilers up to Chapter 61 of Death Note.
Rating: PG
Notes: Written for nefariouskitten in response to a Livejournal meme. Also, as of Chapter 61 of the Death Note manga, no official information has been released about Mello and L's relationship. All this just speculation.

( a fake cut )
[olivia]  alone in our castle

[Fic] Three's a Crowd

Hey! First post, I don't really have any questions to ask or anything... I just posted up a DN drabble up on my LJ... ^^;

Title: Three's a Crowd
Fandom: Death Note
Rating: PG-13 for suggestive language? *doesn't know*
Notes:First DN drabble... ^^; For worstangel because she's awesome and she wrote me an LxRaito drabble! In case you haven't figured it out, this has Raito, L, and Misa Misa in it.

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