April 29th, 2005


crappy fan art

I don't know how many of you are also members of ppp community, but a rediculious amount of these have been going around over there, and forgive me for bringing this over here but yeah. I just thought this was fun despite the crappyness of it. It's based off of a wonderful drawing by joannad so I stole it and made this not very good copy. me plus drawing with mouse = bad news ^^;


plus I'm kinda new ... so yay


I find this to be a somewhat amusing subject myself. I find it rather interresting that, especially with all of the other anime series and manga's out there, Death Note would be the very one people would have to steal and rip off. You would think that because the manga is so intricate and such, it would be a playground for the more intelligent. And yet, I find at first someone who has completely taken word for word my RPG and posted it as their own. Luckily I was able to get ahold of that person and they took it down. But now, I also find that my name and signature phrase was taken.

My AOL ID is: Do You Know L, and here I find that someone has an ID: l_do_you_know. At first I thought nothing of it, until I saw the icon they used, and low and behold... the very phrase I made up one day, a slight twist of Sherlock Holmes, "Elementary, my dear Watson!", transformed to, "Elementary, my dear Watari," was right there.

Perhaps I may be just a bit paranoid? I only found that ID because they joined my RP, for some reason. Anyway, I thought I would get your oppinions on the matter. Thank you!
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Im new so, yeah ^^;

I have a couple of pictures ive drawn, so i thought i'd post them here for you ^_^ One of them is NOT work safe...i dont think, unless a penis coming out of no-where is safe...

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Eowyin is no living man

Newbie with gifts.

I learned about Death Note this... past friday, actually. I fell in love with it immediately, which is weird for me (I thought I was out of manga fandom forever) and, well, long story short, I joined this community and lurked while I read almost every single post :)

I'm trying to draw L, who became my favorite quite soon (Yes, another L-fangirl. But not rabid. I also love Light to death) but in the mean time, I wanted to share this with you guys.

Title: Circular Thinking
Author: Luxshine
Series: Death Note
Disclaimer: Death Note was created by Ohba and Obata who own them, with Shonen Jump and Shueisha. That is, not me.
Warnings; Spoilers up to page 58. It happens somewhere between page 59 and 60.
Summary: Light has way too much time in his hands. Sometimes. he thinks too much.
Notes: This is my first Death Note fic.I hope it's ok. The idea came to me as I re-read the beggining of the second act, and page 57. Saying more, would be spoiling the fic.

(The fic)

I hope it's allright to post this as an introduction. I'm sorry to say, I've never been very active in fandom so some parts of ettiquete escape me.
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Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid...

... do we really want to know L's name?

I love how the mysticism surrounding his name has not been broken, and revealing it would be, to me, like saying midichlorians in one's body are responsible for the intensity of one's Force powers. It just detracts from the mysterious power of the unknown, somewhat.

Not to mention, with Ohba we'd probably get another screwed-up name. xD

Your thoughts? =p