April 30th, 2005

I feel the same way.

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I'm adding to the recent fan art epidemic, since that seems to be the done thing with introductory posts around here. ;)

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And do you think it would be at all creepy to use a mini Death Note as an address book? I thought it would be the perfect size, but I don't know if my friends would appreciate the sentiment if I wrote their names down in it.
It's never a good sign if someone writes your name down in a little black book with the word 'death' on it. :P

EDIT: Wow... thank you for the nice comments everyone! <3

Death Note Timeline

Hi, I just joined this community a few days ago and I wanted to share a timeline for Death Note that I compiled while re-reading the series. The timeline is quite long and contains information only up (and inculding) to DN chpt 60.  I hope it's helpful ^_^


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I'd greatly appreciate it if you pointed out any mistakes or information that I should add.  I apologize if someone has already done this and I'm only repeating the idea.


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hihi! I'm new the comm, but not new to DN, I've known about it for 4 months? I think...my friend told me about it awhile ago and got me hooked...

and so this post isn't COMPLETELY pointless...

I bring fanart, graphics, and crack!

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I uploaded ch61 for a friend, so here's the link. These scanlations were posted here before, but if you missed them the first time, here you go! If the link goes down before the week's up, let me know and I'll re-upload it for you.

(None of this is mine - Death Note © Ooba Tsugumi and Obata Takeshi/Shuukan Shounen Jump/Shueisha. I didn't scan or translate so don't thank me. I can't remember who originally posted this though, so if it was you, please comment and I'll credit you in the post. ^^)


EDIT: Some people were saying that the file wasn't downloading fully, so I've added a mirror.
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Hi there. It's my first post here :D

First thing I want to thank people for talking about my fan comics on this community. I really appreciate them ^_^
http://www.livejournal.com/community/death_note/373185.html (according to some people, I'm a bitch! LMAO)

Since I just updated with more comics, I may as well get some comments here.
go go go-> http://dazza.evilsmile.net/comic.html

by the way, they don't have spoilers because I haven't read past volume 5.