May 1st, 2005

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Hi there from a newish member, long-time lurker. (though I did get ouchless to post my L theories ages ago) Since I'm making an actual post, I figure I ought to bring something along. Tradition! Actually, teethlikedog and I had a brief correspondence where we agreed that while Mello/Near or Near/Mello was impending, it hadn't been done YET. what is a Historical Internet Landmark (correct me if I'm wrong) the first Collapse )
all your base Oracle

Yagami in Red Blossoms - Wallpaper!

Hey to everyone. Long time lurker MeL here, popping up to offer you a Light/Raito/Yagami-kun wallpaper, "Yagami in Red Blossoms", using that fantastic illustration at the beginning of Chapter 60. No spoilers. (But... But... L is my favorite! *sniff* Next time, L, I promise.) My first Deathnote wallpaper, so please be gentle. ^_~

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Hi, I was just wondering does anyone know where I can download Deathnote's manga online?
Cuz the site that I've been reading from has shut down.
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credit shanghai [244]

[ L Fanart<3 ]

:3 I did some more DeathNote fanart and it's L sporting off some Black Peace Now attire<3 XD I think He'd look cute in a few of MisaMisa's outfits...maybe then he could probably get a little of Raito's ass. Oh yesh and it's the first ever Death Note fanart that I'm proud of because they're not in chibi kindergarten form either.


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[p4/souji] INTELLECTUAL maybe

Mello fanart~

Okay, this is my first post in this community...

I bring some Mero/Mello fanart!

Mello is too damn sexy, so I had to draw him. >_>; It's just a doodle, but anyway...

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The watermarks all over it is because I'm a bit paranoid. Yep. >>;

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