May 2nd, 2005

The zip file...

Hey again everyone. Just

I got a lot of requests for the pilot of Death Note for download. (And if no one know it was the was) So i zipped it up nice and tight for everyone. You can get it here for about a week, or till it runs out. Just send me a note if  it does run out, or the link dies...on, and a please drop a note if you take it. Any comment is welcome too. ^-^

And if you would rather dig through archives at Toriyama World! XD that's were I found it in the first place...

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For Mello and Near... Because, I didn't see any community for them yet, and they need love XD And we gotta love them, as long as they are here T_T

link -> mxn_lj take a look^^ There is nothing much yet, but hopefully that'll change. The community is dedicated to the two of them, not necessarily together, but it is yaoi friendly =)

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Alrighty. People had a pretty positive response to that Near/Mello art I posted a few entries back, so here's another N and M slash piece. Ahem.attentionwhore.

A slight warning though, this one's a bit sassier than the last one.
So PG-13 yaoi alert everybody.
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