May 3rd, 2005

xmas jaques

fanart- <3


hey mamas, fairly new, but i have fanart to pimp. -dramatic -solid L and Raito - raito is ready for work! ... - not really spoiler, unless you havent gotten to 40..
anyway there are a few more pics in my gallery so maybe ill post them someday, when its not totally whore-y of me.
much love tot his violent community and its shirt makers!

also wondering if im allowed to advertise a selling of a Death Note doujinshi..>>;
mad prince


Hi, this is majokai on her new account. ^^" Remember the last time my kouhai, ariesdraco, posted the link to our Death Note cosplay in school? Yea, there's actually just one photo missing from the collection because I used it to submit for a Cosplay.Com competition. Anyhow, here's the last photo from that cosplay. ^_^