May 5th, 2005

Luffy davyback


Well, I have been secretly stalking this communtity since the 40ish chapter came out (i think. its been a long while) and i just now decided to join. X_X haha.. well, A tragic thing happened. My computer died and i had to get a new one. I've recovered most of my files, but i have a HUGE favor to ask. Will someone PLEASE give me the link to the We, The Fans HTML download site? I had it and i lost the link. ;_; I beg of you all. I'm sorry i come bearing nothing at the moment. I shall present something of mine later. *bows* thankyou.
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I know that a lot of you have problems with the new plotline, but I find it to be rather exciting to guess what will happen next. So this be a speculation thread, feel free to share your thoughts!

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