May 6th, 2005


Mero/Nia smut ficlet

Since I haven't contributed anything of my own to this community thus far, I bring a smut ficlet I compiled for all you perverted Mero/Nia fans out there. :)

Title: Ostensible Motive

Author: Cherry_Moondrop

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Mero/Nia

Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note or any of it's characters.

Warnings: As the rating says, this is NC-17 material! So if your not comfortable with graphic smut, yaoi (malexmale), underage sex, or (slightly sadistic) rape don't read this!

Summary: On one of his late night chocolate binges, Mero decides to finally force Nia to realize how much better he really is... (Set during their time period at the orphanage.)

Teaser: "I'll make you know who the better one is, Nia. Oh yes...I'll make you." Mero released his hold on the boy's neck, chuckling coldly as Nia shakily refilled his lungs. Without a moment of hesitation, he stole the opportunity and pressed his lips against the other's, his tongue slithering out to invade his warm mouth.

Note: Yes, I have stubbornly latched onto the names "Mero" and "Nia". Somehow "Mello" and "Near" just doesn't want to click with me. Also I have an odd obsession with being really graphic when I write, so please don't flame me if you get grossed out. You have been warned. ^_^;;

*My ficlet was inspired by This fanart. <--(No nudity and barely considered Yaoi, by me anyway...)

( Shut up and give me the smut already! )

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random//my dumb face

Reference pic

I'm doing an L costume for Animazement and I was dead set against cutting my bangs... until I realized I really should. Then I thought well hell, if I got my hair cut for a Halloween costume (Heather from Silent Hill 3) then I can do it for this!

So I was hoping someone could send me a couple pictures that'd be a good reference for me to bring. Something to say "I want that!" to the lady... and have her look at me like I'm crazy. They're used to me coming in at this time every year though. *L*
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Fanart junk

Hi I'm new. Well, actually, I'm going to sing that, "I've been watching the community for a while and have finally decided to post" song. Does it get annoying hearing a lot of people repeat that?

Aaaaanyway, Here I drew some Mello fanart, and then some Matsuda thing... I dunno, it's kind of random, and I think I've done a great job just now of being way too vague. You have to see it, I guess. XD

Oh, and before I forget, my name is Stephanie and it's nice to uh... post here... I kind of already know you guys. ._.

( Random crap here. )
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