May 7th, 2005


Another apparition de-lurked

Hi!  After quietly observing the community for a long time (and I mean, loooonnnggg...err), I decided it's about time I de-lurk myself.  As Death Note is now officially one of my favorite manga, it's nice to see such a dedicated and lively community like this one.  Anyway, I've come with a little present, a Near/Mello drabble.  Hope everyone enjoy it!

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I come with fic

Since someone started us off with some MelloxNear smut, let me contribute to the fandom with a little ficcie.

Notes and warnings: Near x Mello, bondage, non-con, set some time when they were in the orphanage. Possible OOC-ness but we don't quite know the characters that well, do we?

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Comment and critique appreciated. Thank you very much.
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