May 12th, 2005


Hi! ^^ Newbie skulking out of the shadows...

I be Eli [15 years old, lesbian, yaoi addict, American living in England, coffee fiend].

I discovered Death Note v. recently [Wednesday, in fact!]; I was browsing the shippers_manifesto comm when I saw the Yagami Raito/L essay. Lo, I had heard fellow LJ-friends squeeing over Death Note in previous days, and so I clicked, and saw, and quickly became utterly addicted. ^^

My favorite character is definately L and his many quirks. *so much love for L* Misa's habit of talking in third person annoyed me at first, but then; I do the same thing myself. Light/Raito interests me as well; his sociopathy and intricate ways of thinking intrigue me.

I'm about as technically competent as a wildebeest on crack, so sadly you probably won't see many icons/colorbars/wallpapers from me. I do, however, write fic and do fanart, and lots of both ^^

Looking forward to being here with all you nice people,

Eli :D
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Hi all. My first post. Am a lurker. Made some crack whilst
sugar happy. Rated PG-13. Drug references and implied

Ryuuk + Raito. (In no way do I condone this pairing.)

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Ooh ahh. Flames welcome. Comments, yes plz... Kthxplzleavmsgbai