May 13th, 2005

Flight of the Caged Bird


Artist: Pinokiniyo
Scanned in from 'Death Logic', A Death Note Doujin Anthology. (It's one out of many other short...comic things. By different artists. ^^;) If anyone wants to see L in schoolgirl clothes then i'll post that other one when done scanning! :D; And, if this has been somehow(?O_O) scanned before by someone else then i'm sorry T_T; I can't remember. And i'm sorry about the not-so good quality-- that's the best my old scanner can go ;_;'

And here's another offering: chibi!Mello x Near drabble, which I'm still not sure about posting because it's waff and a little OOC but I can always say it was because they were wee lil' kids then. ^_^;;;; I don't know, I wanted to see them mildly HAPPY for once! ;_; *hugs Near and Mello*

[/relurk] Please don't eat me!
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