May 17th, 2005

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This is the biggest icon batch i have ever made and it is truly yaoilicious <3

Bleach: 11
Cut: 4
Deathnote: 20
Devil May Cry 3: 5
Dr ten: 11
Evangelion: 1 
Final Fantasy: 2
Gakuen Heaven: 3
Getbackers: 7
Gravitation: 1
Harry Potter: 1
Loveless: 16
Misc: 34
MPD pscycho: 1
Naruto: 11
Okane ga Nai: 4
Peacemaker kurogane: 3
Prince of Tennis: 1
Saiyuki : 2
Sensitive Pornograph: 3
Sukisyo: 23
Togainu no Chi: 3
X: 1
YAOI: 41

Total:  212

Texteless icons are bases

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Credit makes me love you



not even gonna bother with a fake cut joke

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Hi, thought someone here might be interested: I am cutting down on my doujinshi collection, and so I have 2 Death Note doujinshi (plus tons of other series/merchandise) for sale. You can find them here:

muscatlove's doujinshi & stuff for sale

(One is by the circle Jet Monster/Sakura Sakuya, and the other is by Baketsu Coffee - you can find the doujinshi in the "doujinshi (non-tenipuri" section.) Mods, if this post is against the rules, please let me know. ^^;