May 21st, 2005

cosplay - neko mask
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Just a quick and probably silly question...

What chapters are in volume 6? <_<; For the life of my I'm not 100% sure and my DN Manga folder is begging to be 100% organized XD Thanks to anyone who can help. ^_^
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I've been working on my L costume some more... okay that means I've cut and colored my hair. My mom is cutting my bangs shorter, and it's still not right because my hair is naturally curly and it's not as straight as I'd like in these pictures. Right now I'm trying to be VERY gentle on my hair (so as little straightening as possible) since when I dyed it black at first it ended up blue. o_O We had to dye it again the next day.

So it's not finished but y'know... it's better than nothing. When I do costumes it's to have fun and if I'm not completely exact I'm not going to beat myself up about it.

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Aero - nyah


So I had to replace my abused harddrive (did I learn my lesson? ....::downloads like crazy:: not really...) and I was wondering if anyone had those images of Plastic Tree cosplaying Death Note? I really want those back on my screensaver ^____^* I'd be very much happy and love you forever! sankyu!!!