May 24th, 2005

Death Toast.

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So, I was looking through my pretty Death Note and noticed that there's a rule that says, "The Death Note will be rendered useless if the victim's name is mispelled four times." But what about at the beginning when Raito writes the name of the motorcycle guy seven times before he gets hit by a truck? Shouldn't it have not worked, then?

ETA@7:00PM [so that i don't flood dn@lj]:
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Hello. :3. I'll make this short.
I made a Misa colorbar, and am half-way through my DN colorbar saga. XD. ..well.. Maybe not halfway. I think some fellow fangirls might want me do pairings too... oh, my. What fun.

ANYWAYS; so I dont get crazy evil flying monkies from india sent to my house your friends page crammed up, I'll just leave a link.

here. :D.