May 27th, 2005

I feel the same way.

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I have left this question extraordinarily late. Is anyone planning on cosplaying a Death Note character at Anime North tomorrow (Saturday)? I'm debating whether or not to bring my digital camera.

And because I don't want to be spamming your friends pages, I'll leave off with Collapse )
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I bet this question is pretty stupid...but does anyone know were I can get just the Worded Trasnlation of Death Note 1
? not the Scans? CAUSE, I have the books, but I need to knwo what there saying... Please?
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Be trying to go to Metrocon as L with a homemade DeathNote. If I can, you'll see me grabbingthe DN with one hand and eating chocolate Hello Panda with the other. (Yes, I left it singular, because I don't pluralize certain things out of respect.) I just need to learn how to slouch well.

Aside of that, I cosplayed to school for the last day as L. I forgot my DN, but I did get a few photos. Sadly, I ran out of hair gel! Otherwise, I'd look like L.

Because I use a photographer's camera, my photos might not be developed for a while. I'll get around to it, so hang in there.

Oh, before I go... I must say, I took a picture of my cellphone. My wallpaper is the letter L in the same EXACT font. White background, black letter. (I also got two pictures of myself, but I'm not sure how they turned out, since I got two of my classmates to take them.)
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