May 31st, 2005

Back Again

Yes. Its the n00b. I've returned.

I'd like to point out that I fricking hate LJ Communities cause the people are generally mean, but after a month and a half of debating and deliberating with friends on the WTF's dn forum like some kind of csi investigator, I was pushed into coming back here. I'm nervous and defensive cause of my very bad experiences on lj, but I hear that this place is the only place to go when you want to talk about EVERYTHING that has happened in DN so far.

When I was last here, I'd only read up to ch 7. So I was rightfully thrown out. NOW its different. I've read every issue from wtf's, I read them over again when I'm bored, I have even been given links by a friend for scanlations of 61-63, and raw scans of 64 and 65.

I have many militant opinions about what I expect to happen and--the dreaded theory--whether or not there is yaoi in DN.

I do NOT cloud reality with fangirl ideals, so I'm willing to hear all sides of an argument without fighting.

OKAY THEN!! :=P now that I just unloaded a fucking resume on you poor people, I'd like to make friends and have debates and be in debates if thats all right....? I'm very shy about being here.

Um....yeah....don't know what else to say then :) excpet HI
oooh mister shouichi oooh.

DN Cosplay Madness!

Aah, I have a few cosplay pictures taken this past weekend at FanimeCon 2005 in San Jose, California. I really like how they all turned out (even if they're breaking continuity a bit XD;) so I thought I'd share them.

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Hey all, here's my DN Photos from Fanime05 on sunday morning, I came down a soberenough Matsuda for impromptu DN group @ Artist row to kick it with deepsetthinker's awesome group a bit more.. very impromptu but very fun!

DN Pics:
--At first I got this idea pose from a "matsuda's morning" doujin I read.. but I spent most of the day drinking water ^.^'
--The group at the table
--An army of Ls in our large ass group..! Ah, loved it..!! XD
--Matsuda spies L sleeping...?
--MisaMisa comes to confirm..!!
--and Raito come stop to laugh XD

Ah, I KNOW there are more DN photos from Saturday around.. but they were all taken by congoers.. hard to find! but must hunt them down..!!

Also BIG BIG BIG thanks to all who picked upa DN from me.. I'm going to do a huuuuge batch fro AniMagic in october, hope to see you round then XD