June 1st, 2005

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So I was supposed to do an end of the year writing assignment thingie and I chose my favorite subject! Anime/Manga! But the problem was who to choose. So I angst'd out and did a L piece. I'm not even sure what brought this on. I was gonna do a thing on Kyou Sohma from Fruits Basket *sigh* CHAPTER 58 SPOILER BIATCH!
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pimping+some advice?

WARNING: If this is not allowed, simply ignore or delete this post!

heyo cool DN junkies,
I'm shamelessly pimping my new website here since i dunno where to start. Contains various fandoms, but mostly DN and HikaGo. Inside you'll find some DN and HikaGo fics/art. Just wanna know what people think of the layout and stuff since this is the first time i make a website using raw codes. Comments greatly appreciated. It's integrated to my LJ:

Druscillos Kayne's Lair

IF GEOCITIES IS DOWN, HERE'S THE ALTERNATIVE URL: http://www.angelfire.com/scary/druscilloskayne/enter.htm

Just bear with the turbo ad banners ^^;

Also, a few weeks ago I bought a (illegal) integrated DN+HikaGo artbook which has a necklace bonus. I'd really like to show it off here but the thing is, how the hell do you scan a necklace? (plus I don't have a digital camera)

Thanks for your attention.
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