June 2nd, 2005



Hello there! I'm very new to this community, but I wanted to contribute something:

I have a very cute idea for an L and Raito fan-piece, but I'm having a lot of trouble with Raito's eyes and L's eyes and hair.

Anyone have any tips? (Also, I don't know if this would affect the tips, but L's in chibified form.)
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Light Note

First time posting in this comm o-o Please be nice

My apologies if it's been posted already.

Rather cute djs, L falls in love with Raito at first glance. Changes the aprroach to the Kira case, not realising he's getting closer to the real Kira :p

NOTE: Opens in new window. n-n
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Cosplay pictures


Well, two weeks ago, there was a weekend and then there were 16 people in our little flat... and nobody got hurt. But me made a LOT of photos where we cosplayed... And of course we want you to have fun with these pictures as well. ^_^ So we took these 811 photos we took, looked out for the best ones and then I took these and made 5 batches out of these and voilà, here they are. Enjoy!

All these cuts are fake. They link back to the respective posts in my journal. I also posted links in every entry to the other entries.

( Batch 1: Family pictures )
( Batch 2: Hyoutei/Rikkai pictures )
( Batch 3: Fuji-Kyoudai pictures )
( Batch 4: Seigaku fun pictures )
( Batch 5: Spontaneous Death Note pictures )

For more pictures from this weekend click here.
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