June 6th, 2005

I feel the need to show off

Alright now peoples,

I'm normally not into animanga merchandise, but this one's just too cool to pass. Someone from Hobby Japan here offered me an unofficial Chinese-made Death Note-Hikaru no Go integrated artbook. It's quite deceptive though, considering the DN content is only about 15% of the whole book, but the cover is fully DN.

But the one that made me just couldn't refuse is the BONUS NECKLACE. It's SO COOL, you'd wanna wear it everywhere completely ignoring the fact that some part of it looks like a dildo

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Scan Request

HI!!!! Okay, I understand that this lj com is where fans get all the scans, no matter how hard they are to find. I'd like to take advantage of that and ask ya'll if you could PLEASE provide me with anything, raw or scanlated, past 65? PLEASE! I'm goin outta my mind here I'm hearing all this shit about shinigami eyes and sketches and I'm crackin up once AGAIN!!

*deep breath*
Shenanigins are afoot

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::Comes out of lurking::

'Ello. I was wondering if anyone could help me get to chapter 61. mangadownload.net doesn't seem to be working on my computer so I thought maybe there were other sites. Help would be much appriated. :)