June 8th, 2005


Nifty Japanese Fan Art

Of course, I didn't make this fanart, but I found it on a random Google search. I hope this hasn't been posted here before. Anywho, this person's fanart is so cute, interesting and well done: Here. I think I like the Love Note comic the best. There's no explicit content, so I'd say it's worksafe. Unless, the sight of L in a dress is kind of weird to you. I wish I knew what they're saying though.
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my drawings of L >< (continue~)

Have to say that northernbanshee-kun's glorious pics make me hesitate a lot to continue posting here~~~><~~~~ Damn~~~~they are toooooo awesome! If can, please make some L pics~~~~~~~northernbanshee-kun~~~~~~you know its your duty to feed your fans XD

Anyway, gonna shamelessly post my pics here again ~==~

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The rest of them are from a drawing game played by a group of L fans(including me). Very short time for each. sorry for the shabbiness~~~~

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warning: the pic bellow may ruin your feeling if you are a Raito-fan...>< I simply want to show off since I like it sooooooo much~~~~~=..=
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