June 9th, 2005

+ Chapter 60?

First I would just like to say, Took me damn long enough! I finished reading up to chapter 60 of Death Note (obviously) and I was wondering if there was a website that shows more of them. I would ask for a site that I could download from but seeing that I do not own my own computer doing so would be a waste.

- Tara
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More RO + Deathnote Sprites!

I don't know if you guys remember, but about a month ago, I posted some Ragnarok Online sprite edits of L, Raito, and Misa. Well~ It's been a while... and I've made some sprites of Mello and Near! They're under the cut. My old ones are there too in case you didn't see them before. ^_~

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That's all you get for now~ I'll make more... eventually! <3

Edit: I just finished a Ryuk Sprite~ check it out under that cut!
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Near transformation~~

Hihi! Gem2niki desu~
Been lurking around this community for awhile ^^ I like to draw, so I'll try to post a few sketches once and a while~~

Anyway, I just like to point out this, if anyone cares or notice this as well.
I'm very picky with artist's styles especially when they start changing ^^ Well I notice Obata-san tends to change his character design gradually throughout the manga, especially in Death Note. The first one was L, which I couldn't get over for weeks, but now he looks hawt XD;; Now I'm seeing Near has also been changing and well, kinda wondering what is going on with Obata-san's mind ^^;;. Raito, to me, doesn't really change dramatically.

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