June 11th, 2005


yet again~

Gah,...with this community I´ve found a place to dump my fanart, and because i don´t want to make a post with like...a GB of Fanart, you won´t get rid of me anytime soon xD

That posture is comfortable, indeed. I´ve tried it myself.
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This was my very first DN-Fanart~ Text says 'genius & insanity' ...doesn´t sound good in english ^^;
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Damn. He´s so evil, he even has his own custom-made gothic-black Pocky box.
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Bothering you with doujin

Neutral has released a RaitoxL gag doujin scanlation (download on main page) - wanted to mention it before HTTP downloads faltered or went down or something. It isn't graphic at all, unless totally naked shoulders really excite you...
(This is...my first LJ comm post ever. *anxiety* It feels like wearing a big neon 'n00b' sign.)
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I just got my school photos taken. I cosplayed as L for the last day of school.

(L cosplay~)

Anyway, if you want to see some art stuff, you can see my previous entry, or click the link...
(Some weird art crap.)

(Cross posted on the DN community and my journal.)
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