June 13th, 2005

XD Ahoy

xD Erhmehm...got off my lay-zee ass to finally join this insanely cool community. Nice to meet you all ...aaand

A lot of...huge/medium pictures under this cut :E

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Good times, good time.
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Font for Deathnote

Ahh! Can someone please tell/give me the font used for Deathnote?! >_<'' I remember seeing a post in the community a while ago, but I couldn't find it again... o.o'' And it's not in "A list of Death Note comms, sites, scanslations, etc." either... Help please! Sorry for the re-post.. ;__;
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text translations for first tankoubon?

hi guys! im kinda new to this whole live journal thing o_O so forgive me if i do something stupid. i just found out about death note (i know i know, pretty late to the game-- but ive been outta manga for awhile, but trying to work my way back in). so i went to the bookstore today and picked up the first tankoubon of death note! only problem is i can't read japanese :D i looked through the links section but couldn't find any text translations (not scans) of the first manga. if one of you has translations for ch1-7 i would be most grateful! thanks ^_^