June 17th, 2005



I'm going to be really spammish right now, sorry. XD
I'd post here more often if I had some interesting things to say, but I don't, except for today.

I was searching Google for something I've forgotten now just the other day, and ended up searching Google Images with the word "innocent"... I was quite surprised to find on the first page, a picture of Raito of all people. I just found this horribly amusing and thought I'd waste space here and tell you guys that. XD Go try it out.
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*sighs* A little question....

Since I'm not one to download, and mainly because my computer can't support it...>.>...I've been reading the series and checking everything else through deathnote.org, but recently, the link directs me to directmanga.com where the most I can find are downloads and nothing else...

T_T Does anyone know what happened? Did it change links, or did it shut down? I know it was in the middle of gaining a new crew and they were planning on redoing the whole site, but that was about it...

If anyone could help me with info or a new link, I'd be grateful....

Thanks! <3<3<3~~~
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