June 18th, 2005

  • ochame

a frustrated fangirl here...

I am reading Death Note. I'll be upfront: I don't usually read shounen manga, and when I do read it, it's mostly in order to better appreciate yaoi doujinshi. This is my second attempt at DN... somehow, I am still not able to get into the story. Doshiyo? Collapse )

Help Needed for DN Fansite (Part II)

Remember the other day when I gave an initial proposal for a fansite of Death Note essays? I've now started a community to get the project going:


Much of what I have up on the community is still very raw, but I've got the details of the Scout volunteer position out, so we can start hunting for essays to be placed on the site. The basics of the position are as follows:
The main job of a scout is to find essays on Death Note, politely ask the writer if we may host it on the fansite and make any necessary editing, and then comment with a link to the essay in the Scouts' Post. Please check the post for more details.

Please contribute in any other way you can - even, perhaps, in suggesting more roles that fans can take, or helping me to phrase or rephrase any information so that it will be clearer to volunteers. All help will be very much appreciated. :)