June 21st, 2005

This isn't the best way to make an introduction, but...

I joined this community just a couple of days ago thanks to all the pretty art. ♥ (You guys rock.) I never planned to post, since I'm more of a lurker type, but I just had to bring this to other fans' attentions.

I get my scanlations from Direct Manga. I don't check everyday, so sometimes I get behind, but scanlations also come out at a rather slow, intermittent rate. Anyway, I just downloaded 63-66 today, and while reading I came across this translator's note in Chapter 64, page 8:

*You'll notice that in the text bubble it's spelled ZAKK IRIUS. [Lishy's Note: No, I don't notice this. It was completely edited out by the scanlators.] This is a mistake on the part of the author, who you can tell - from the title of the manga alone - knows about as much English as your average retarded parakeet. She knows Zack has two "k" sounds, but she obviously doesn't know that the first one is actually a "c", as Zack is usually short for Zachary (she probably doesn't even know that, either, since they're giving his full name as Zack). I'd keep the change I made and just add this explanatory note to the release in case anyone has any questions as to why it was changed. Please include the remark about the retarded parakeet. I'm fucking sick and tired of these ignorant dipshits not bothering to investigate the language they so often use to sound "cool", especially in the case of commercial products.

Tell me this doesn't piss you off.
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Death Toast.

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I bring you, a Death Note fanfic.

Title: Dome.
Summary: Raito's been found.
Rating: Uhmm.. PG-13? I dunno. There's just some swearing.
Spoilers: None.
Word Count: 505.
Notes: I wrote this when I was studying for my Writer's Craft exam and we learned about Cyber Punk, which is why there are mentions of domes and the like.

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All sorts of reviews are always welcome. Like, for example, "This story was so _______ that I _______ just when I got to the _______ part. Honestly. What is _______ with this _______? Get off of my _______."
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3 drabbles of the Namikawa/Midou variety.

Oh, I have such a soft spot for this pairing, I simply just adore it. And because I know how hard it is to find fanworks of these two, I thought I'd share this drabble trilogy I just finished. The first part was written months ago, but in a sudden sprout of inspiration I wrote the two others just now. Hopefully they're not too bad, comments are very welcome.

Title: New Beginnings
Pairing: Reiji Namikawa / Shingo Midou
Words: 215
link to the drabble

Title: (And In The Middle)
Pairing: Reiji Namikawa / Shingo Midou
Words: 337
link to the drabble

Title: With Old Endings
Pairing: Reiji Namikawa / Shingo Midou
Words: 389
link to the drabble

And if someone has trouble connecting the names, I'll just say that Namikawa is the long-haired pretty boy and Midou's the Raito-with-glasses, both from the Yotsuba arc.
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