June 24th, 2005


Community Pimping

I'm here to pimp a new community!
_manga_otaku_ is made for discussions of manga (like BLEACH and WJ, etc.) in Japanese only. No, this isn't a translation community nor is it a Japanese practicing community. They have those elsewhere. It's a discussion community for really any manga in intermediate ~ fluent level in Japanese (so, English posts will be deleted).

I made it since I don't find any "good" Japanese community for hard core discussion :/ So yeah, if you use Japanese fluently, please join~.

日本語がわかる皆様、英語がわかるけど、英語でポストするのは怖い、という皆様、日本語しかわからない皆様 (あまりいないかもしれませんが) マンガを熱く!日本語で語るコミュニティができました。LiveJournal 自体にあまり日本語のユーザがいないと思うので、いろんなマンガがごちゃ混ぜ (になる予定) ですが、今まで突っ込んだマンガの話をする日本語のコミュをあまり見かけなかったので、この機会にご利用いただければ幸いです。

And since I hate to be so off topic, here is chapter 69 download in Japanese. You can go TOWNL's forum for the text translation. I didn't friend lock it because I'm hoping to see more people ... more Japanese users will be seeing this post. But if mods think it's not good, then please friend lock it for me :) Thanks!
Death Toast.

It's Like Crack Without The Love.

Here's a fun story. The story is that I tripped over the cord for my tablet and it broke. So, as I am unable to make minicomics or icons until I get a new tablet (soon.. ;n;), I am having to resort to other forms of entertainment instead.

So I made a parody chapter of Death Note! IE, I took W,TF's scanlations, took out the beautiful translations, and inserted nonsense instead.

You Can Download The Zip Via YSI Here! Wow!

Enjoy! :D

Spoiler Warning: It's a parody of chapter 58, so spoilers for chapter 58. And I chose this chapter because I hate myself. Obviously.

EDIT[July 5th]: The link's good for another week. :D