June 26th, 2005


spammage request

A while ago, gekiai posted up a...post with pictures of Ryoutarou from PlaTree cosplaying as L and in the comments of that post, there were links to larger versions of those pictures. Unforunately, those larger pictures were taken down and the one who put them up deleted her/his lj. So...does anyone here have (large) scans of Ryoutarou cosplaying as L?

If this post isn't allowed, please delete it. *ducks rotton fruit*


ok, feel free to bitch me out and post links with sarcastic comments, but have there been any more scanlations since chapter 60? I know japanese raw are out there, but what about translations.
mad prince

Death Note Cosplay

My friends and I went out for a Death Note photoshoot today, and here are the photos!! ^_^ I'm going to split them into 4 different posts for the sake of dial-up users. ^^ Hope the rest of you don't mind the flood in your friendlist.

Cast List:
dodgerscrubs as Yagami Raito
peihui as Amane Misa
dorkodile as L
ariesdraco as Nia
erushi as Mello

Random Note: I have a tendency to apply glow on my photos....somebody keep me away from that button!! XD

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iago critical

really scary parody

Hi there guys. I'm new. (: Call me Xander.

Well. It was really rather late at night when I happened to be reading Death Note, and I couldn't help but want to completely destroy it for my own amusement.

And so I did.

**WARNING** - This contains profanity. Quite a bit of it. Also strong suggestive sexual things, blah blah blah. It's get a 'R' because I curse like a sailor and generally make an obscene mockery out of chapter 38.

I'm bad.