July 1st, 2005


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For those who know KAT-TUN or just like reaaaaaaaaally pretty boys

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gah! AX is starting to today! O_o well...im going tomorrow. just for you people who were expecting to see DN cosplay, I will be Namikawa i don't know when since my Midou wants to probably not do it. so I'll probably be walking around alone *_* anyways (lol) I changed from being L on Saturday night to Sunday night. :D just letting you know..if you are going to Anime Expo~ WOO!
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    artistic i can dye unitards. yay~
kick yer ass

Hello All ^-^ [Spoilers ahead]

First off, *Waves* I'm new to the community, and in the past 48 hours I've read chapters 1-68 of Death Note ^^'' I got addicted rather quick. Now due to my rapid reading, I was wondering if I missed something...so here's a spoiler cut for those who haven't read much. (I say much because it primarily involves a character from early on, and then I muse more regarding a later chapter..ya you all know which later chapter I'm referring to.)

And if this has already been discussed, sorry, but I've only been reading this community since I stopped reading Death Note...which was maybe ...an hour ago. ^^''

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mad prince

This ends Batch 2

Yeah...last batch for tonight. I still have another...600 mb worth of RAW files to go through tomorrow night. ^^"

Let's see....weird things in this post: group pictures, M/N yaoi pictures...etc. ^^"

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Spoiler Alert - This picture is put as a link because it contains spoilers to Chapter 58. We all KNOW what happened...;_;