July 6th, 2005

Introducing a new Death Note Community I've started

Dear DN addicts,

I have noticed some concerns/discomfort implicitly expressed by some members of the DN comm over the abundance of yaoi-fangirlsm-related materials posted in this LJ. Although I'm a yaoi fan myself, I could sometimes understand their POVs.
The death_note was meant for general DN discussions, although it is yaoi/yuri-friendly. I hope I'm not too wrong here.
This is why I've created dn_yaoi, the place specifically designed for DN smut/yaoi/ecchi discussions. I'm well aware of the existence of rxl_fans and mxn_lj, however, dn_yaoi is not exclusive for any specific pairing. It is the place where any yaoi pairings can be discussed, and stuff like fanarts, fics, doujins, no matter how extreme, can be posted and discussed freely without fear of causing any discomfort to anyone. Also, in this community you are free to swear and use offensive language, I don't really care XD
I hope people can see that I meant well, but if you disagree, feel free to say I'm being stupid and tell me to delete the comm ^_^;
To those Death Note perverts/yaoi fangirls, may I direct you to dn_yaoi. Hope you enjoy.
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Death Toast.

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So, I read in the TOWNL forum that there's supposed to be an alternate cover for volume 7 where L's eyes are closed or some such. Has anyone seen or heard about this or is it just a silly little rumor? I'd like to see it, but I'm leaning towards the rumor side, seeing as it totally eluded Google's vaste amount of knowledge..