July 8th, 2005

  • xue

To Say Hello

I've been around for a day or two (yeah. I'm a real vet) but even though I've been poking in and out at a couple sleds, I haven't made any new ones. So I'm here to say hi. :D My name is Hiro, and I've just started reading Death Note a couple of days ago on the airplane back from Japan. (yes. it must have been fate)
Yeah. So... I still need to catch up, but I plan on doing so in the next couple of days.

Um...bottom line: nice to meet you all. :3

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A fun little discussion:

Say Death Note was being produced into an anime (Which I hope happens soon!) Who would you chose for the seiyuus of the characters? Who would animate it? Who would you want to do the OPs and EDs?

I don't know much about seiyuus, but I definetly would want Madhouse to animate it. They keep close to their series, and even though it's not as pretty as BONES or GONZO, but they're not so good with keeping to the original plots. Pierrot would stick to the plot very well, but i think DN needs a higher quality then that.