July 10th, 2005

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I made two Death Note Colorbars. for a colorbar comm, but, since they're both deathnote, why not post 'em here to, right?

Oh, and I used pics from chapters 65-68.. Do those count as spoilers? >.>'''

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any Indo DN fans here?

Uhm, just a short notice to Indo DN fans particularly in Jakarta. I was told by someone from Hobby Japan that there will be a cosplay event at Ciputra Mall this Sunday 17 July (not sure what time it starts though). I'm planning to attend with my friend dressed up as our current fave DN boys (which should be obvious from the random rants at my LJ, ha!). Anyways, if you're attending, I'd love to catch up with you fellow Indo DN fans. So, hope to see you there and have fun! ^_~

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