July 11th, 2005

so cute and yummy

Greetings and fics.

Hey, there. :) I'm Harukami. I recently got into Death Note, and, ah.... am now writing fic for it! So, yeah.

My big one's my (L)/M/N AU, so far nameless, wherein the events of 58 went differently and thus things changed. It's unfinished, it's being written out of order, and it's often not worksafe in a loooot of ways. Adult material, basically. Mostly spoiler-free, I think? But, ah, the individual parts are here:
Second Place (L/M/N, not safe for work)
The Silence of Prayer (Some mild M/N, safe for work)
Inside the Castle Walls (M/N, not safe for work)
A Wish for Happy Returns (M/N, not safe for work)
Hanged on Bent Nails (N/M, not safe for work)
And The Truth Comes Out (Some mild M/N, safe for work on a sexual level, but semi-graphic description of torture.)

...and, er, not in the AU, but for anyone more on the L/Light side of the fence:
Let Him Eat Cake (L/Light, mild spoilers for ...I can't remember the chapter, but before 50, at least. Er. NOT safe for work, adult material, etc.)

Ahaha. Hope you enjoy, and glad to meet you all!