July 12th, 2005

Sort of a response to Harukami's post below ^_^ (warning: rabid yaoi fangirlsm)

Here are my M/N fics in response to harukami's:
Predator: 2 parts up and an Interlude

No actually...after reading your FANTABULOUS AU L/M/N FIC, I was so blown away you got me screaming my head off that my comp screen almost broke. I used to think I was OK at writing fics, but after reading yours....OMG, I FEEL SO INFERIOR!!! I'm not worthy of living in this wooooooorld! *BOWS DOWN AT harukami 'S FEET* So, uh, that link above is just my way of saying thanks lots for your great fic...it would be an HONOUR if you spend time reading my inferior offering. I know it would be nothing compared to yours. You RAWK! You MUST WRITE MORE!!!

As for EVERYONE in the comm, I have a gift for you in the form of a quiz: Which Death Note Character Is Your Sexual Archetype?
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