July 14th, 2005

No pants

Ficcie update

Remember those two divergent Misa/Light/L pieces I did a while: "Snowballs" and "Startle". I asked everyone which I should continue.

Well, I decided to continue both of them because I have no willpower. I'll update one and then work on the other one.

Title: Snowballs, Part II
Rating: PG13 (to be safe)
Spoilers: Chapter 40ish or so.
Pairings: Heavy Misa/L, Medium Misa/Light, Light Light/L


(The first part is: http://www.livejournal.com/users/battlejoy/76228.html#cutid2)

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Don't worry. I know I'm completely lame. :)

I got something wonderful today I never thought I'd actually get my hands on since I live in such a small town and I'm lazy as hell anyways...

vol.s 2,3,4 of le lovely and most wonderful Death Note. :) I fuckin love these things.

I felt special so I took a picture of me and my new books. :)
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