July 18th, 2005


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er... in reflection...

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otherwise I'm back and all caught up now. Death Note made my godawful sunburn feel better. XD;

I can't wait for 73... this is the most excited I've felt since the L arc. <3
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Death Note ending.

How do you think Death Note will ends? some people think that Ratio's plan gonna get busted, etc. Hm... I think there is a chance that he will succeeds. Mainly because right now I don't see anyone who is capable of capturing Kira. Sure, some of his plans get busted sometimes, but he always comes back with a great plan and things settle.

EDIT : There's also a chance of Ratio to turns back to the ' good Ratio ' and forget all about the Death Note in end.


Yesterday (inbetween reading Half Blood Prince) I made a Death Note livejournal layout, featuring L and Light (the first sighting!). I thought maybe some of you might like it. It's for free accounts (although paid accounts can use it). If you like it, feel free to take it. You don't need to credit me, as long as you comment.

Here is a picture of what it looks like:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

If that picture isnt very clear, I've put it on my journal so you can see it here.

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So yeah, if you use it, tell me. There is not need to credit me, like I said, but if anyone does ask you where you got such a fantastic layout *cough* just say that pornography made it for you, or whatever. Don't claim it as your own work.
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Just wonderin', is there a site with DN chapter summaries? 'Cause... I kinda forget which chapter I left off at and I really wanna read s'more, and if I read summaries I'll remember! And if no one knows any... I'll just randomly start off at 64. Just 'cause.

But if anyone seriously knows of summaries (I can't seem to find any) I'd really appreciate a link or something. If not, just ignore me ^^