July 27th, 2005

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I figured it was about time i posted this picture somewhere...but sadly, my scanner is on crack and cropped almost the entire image. so i guess, you could call this a teaser? it's really not though, there isn't much else to it other than the rest of L's body and more to the handcuff chain on Raito's shadow hands. it'd make a lovely book mark if you ask me. XD Hopefully in the near future i will get the full image and post it,

anyway, be kind this picture is almost a year old and the first watercolor i've ever painted. i love feedback :D hope you enjoy it, because we all now L is sex on legs...or toes.

Type: Fanart
Fandom: Death Note
Characters: Raito/L
Rating: PG-13
Crossposted: everywhere...

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